How Google Is Helping Diabetics See Better

It's amazing how much groundbreaking work is being done to help prevent, treat and cure diabetes. In 2014, Google decided to lend a hand: the company is developing a contact lens for diabetics.

From the Horse's Mouth

Google stated on a blog post: "You’ve probably heard that diabetes is a huge and growing problem -- affecting one in every 19 people on the planet. But you may not be familiar with the daily struggle that many people with diabetes face as they try to keep their blood sugar levels under control.”

While it might be a while before research is completed, Google’s goal is to help make diabetes management easier.

The "Smart" Lens

Google created a prototype contact lens that has a miniature glucose sensor and a little wireless chip embedded right between the layers. The technology performs a reading once per second, and alerts diabetics when blood sugar levels are off or insulin needs to be adjusted. Google is considering putting in LED lights that would alert people when blood glucose levels are out of control.

This continuous yet effortless monitoring can give early warning alerts that would help diabetics manage their disease, thus preventing complications in the long run.

Photo:Guardian LV